Build hardware at full throttle.

Fusion by Stoke Space is a modern productivity platform that tracks physical hardware for its entire lifetime. On the shelf and on the tarmac. Lightbulb to liftoff.

Engineer at work

Fusion by Stoke Space goes the distance.

Fusion's data is always easy to iterate. If it is simple in real life, it is simple in Fusion by Stoke Space.

  • Engineer and build at a rapid rate
  • Simple configuration to evolve from R&D processes to production
  • Accurately communicate across teams
  • Find parts even after they are installed and assembled
  • Traceable record keeping forever
  • Continue to go fast as you grow

Clean handoffs make hardware manufacturing successful

Fusion by Stoke Space connects designs, parts, and people.

Inventory tracking

Initiate, track, and manage parts throughout the engineering cycle

Inventory tracking


Organize work as it evolves with Fusion workflows



Attach data to inventory: certificates, test results, process control monitors, coupon data, or any other file-based content

Data Storage


Maintain chain of traceability to meet auditing requirements for compliance reports


Take automatic action as work is logged



Seamlessly connect with other software products


Traceability is the sum of designs, inventory, work, and testing.


Fusion by Stoke Space holds a library of part designs and BOM information sourced from anywhere: entered directly, loaded via PLM connector, or uploaded from spreadsheets.

Inventory and hardware

Fusion’s inventory holds every kind of part for its entire lifetime, even after it is pulled off the shelf and installed. Stored inventory is represented with easy-to-use hierarchical categories. It is easy to move parts on and off of installed assemblies, or between locations. QR code support means it is possible to find items with any mobile device.

It is even simple to move inventory locations to different places. Reorganizing the warehouse? No problem.

Work and testing

Workflows offer a straightforward no-code pattern for describing and, when appropriate, automating work that is coordinated across people and software systems.

Creating or changing a workflow takes just a few minutes. Workflow automations can copy and watch data in other SaaS tools, just like you do. Automatically sending a message in Slack or creating a PO in your accounting system is just a few clicks away.

Workflows are a natural way to log test time, participants, and results. Fusion's custom data fields allow for key data points to be appended to part records, and read in the browser or via API.

Result: Traceability

Fusion by Stoke Space facilitates all of the day-to-day operations that satisfy a challenging goal for any business: complete hardware traceability. An activity feed for each inventory item and each part design keeps a timeline of changes, comments, attachments.

Fusion by Stoke Space holds onto these records forever, and can be called upon to show the big picture. Executives get a window into net supply chain demand and processes like QA and assembly. Work center owners can configure customized statuses and data fields without consulting administrators or asking for software changes. And Fusion is the perfect platform to satisfy and achieve AS 9100 certification.


Is Fusion an MES, ERP or PLM? No, Fusion is build productivity software made for engineers and technicians, so it doesn't directly provide accounting functions like chart of accounts or order management. It is, however, great at keeping track of the hardware you are developing, and thus can feed systems that track the books.

Yes. Fusion allows attachments on library parts, inventory items, and workflow cards. Photos and files can also be attached to comments everywhere they are supported.

Fusion's as-built BOM (aBOM) tracks real-world parts' current status, and retains a history of past changes.

Yes. Generally one workflow is created for each work center. Workflows for small amounts of work or limited audiences are also easy to create when work is happening off the main line.

Please contact us if this is of interest, we are looking for customers to partner with for pre-ship needs.

Our mission

Fusion by Stoke Space empowers engineering teams to focus on the innovative hardware they are bringing to the world

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